My Personal Holiday

by Bernays Propaganda

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released 17 May 2010

Today the messengers seem to act not only as a means of informing, but also as the creators of all seduction, manipulation and mind-control that make us more insensitive to problems that surround us, meanwhile packing their own pockets with cash only to bring fast-paced entertainment to our homes. These are the situations and moments that Bernays Propaganda, appropriately named after Edward L. Bernays, the inventor of PR and all subsequent mediapowered destruction, seek to evoke and rebel against.

From the very beginning of their music journeys vocalist Kristina Gorovska, guitarist Vasko Atanasoski, drummer Dzano Kuc and new bass player Nenad Trifunovski always had to say something which would make you stop and think for a while. Working together as a groovy punk collective Bernays Propaganda, they started more than a couple of small fires very well beyond their home country Macedonia, playing more than 100 shows in nearly every European state during 2009 – east to west, north to south – promoting their debut album "Happiness Machines" during two European tours, they grew in people's hearts and rinsed the media dirt from their ears with dancey music and fierce lyrics. Although sung in their native Macedonian, numerous favorable reviews from abroad prove that Bernays Propaganda's songs, besides all linguistic differences, have more than suceeded to convey the message where it matters.

Shortly after "Happiness Machines" saw the light of the day, Bernays Propaganda started writing their sophomore full-length entitled "My Personal Holiday", which is set for release in May 2010, again on Moonlee Records. Mr. Moonlee just couldn't let them pass, you see – more than ever before, the world needs to hear what they propagate, and who could spread their message better than Mr. Moonlee's little helpers – just to prove that propaganda works both ways. Beating the bastards at their own game has rarely been this much fun! "My Personal Holiday" was recorded utilizing the DIY method by bass player Nenad Trifunovski at the turn of the year and was mastered by noble gentleman Carl Saff soon afterwards. Cover artwork was handled by singer Kristina Gorovska and Caci Chavdarovska.

Musically and lyrically, Bernays Propaganda will satisfy the hunger of everyone who couldn't get enough of their high-energy danceable post-fpunk grooves found on the debut album. Influences such as Gang Of Four, !!!, Fugazi, The Slits, LCD Soundsystem, Gossip and the likes
first come to mind, manifesting in the form of hopping guitar riffs and licks interchanged with thumping, groovy bass lines, all linked together with a drum play so uplifting it makes even the dead get up and dance. And the female vocals on top of everything! Uncompromizing and ferocius while amiable at the same time, blasting lyrics as sharp as the razors, shredding rotten souls of false idols, malevolent politicians, deceiving leaders and overly-restrictive governments to thousands of hardly-amendable pieces with such a misterious charm, always kicking exactly where it hurts with a dead-serious attitude.

So, to sum it all up, we urge you to get this album as soon as possible and dance away to what Bernays Propaganda packed up this time. Let "My Personal Holiday" be your personal soundtrack to much-needed changes, within yourself and around you. Is there a better way of of doing it than in such an entertaining, body-moving mannerenjoying? Hardly, barely... Happy Holidays!

Moonlee Records


released May 17, 2010

Kristina Gorovska - vocal
Vasko Atanasoski - guitar, keyboards and vocal
Dzano Kuč - drums and percussions
Nenad Trifunovski - bass

Recorded, mixed and produced by Nenad Trifunovski in Youth Cultural Center - Skopje (Cinema Frosina) & Blla Blla Blla's studio in Gjorče 2 (January, 2010).
Recording live assistants: Goran Stojčevski and Alen Hadzi Stefanov.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
All lyrics writen by Kristina Gorovska ("Ovoj den da pomine" and "VIP in paradise" with Vasko Atanasoski).
All music writen by Vasko Atanasoski ("Koga e dovolno" with Kristina Gorovska).
Arranged and played by Bernays Propaganda (on 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9 together with Sasha Pavlovic.
English translation by Dr. Mile Tanturovski and Kalina Janeva.
Executive team: Vladica Mladenovski - Grga, Bole Tata and Mungos.
Band photo by Igor Kostov.
Artwork by Kristina Gorovska and Caci Chavdarovska.


all rights reserved



Bernays Propaganda Macedonia

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Track Name: Namesti frizura i gladuvaj

The river glows through town
A banded brotherhood of trash.
They'll drown if they have to!
Even the shallows are deep
When you have no strength!
Do your hair and starve
From a donkey to a cyber-solitary/station
And wait to be proclaimed
A person or a nation!
Pray that the one next to you goes down
It’s his fault you’re incompetent
To love anyone, anything without petting
The beast that feeds you wrath!
You are a born genius waiting for a chance
Too bad the universe is against you.
You don’t need pills to sleep
only when you follow orders.
Look for The Man! He'll know
What's good for you.
Hate him, but obey him.
He'll grow strong as you grow weak.
And remember! Victory is your defeat
A peewee hooked on recognition
Doesn’t ask for much, only to be petted by
The beast that feeds him wrath.
Track Name: Buldozer

Money. Inflammable paper...
Check... Cash... Stock market... Corpse.
Power -The grand circus finale...
Show... God... Government... Bride. Groom...
Complete and utter gloom..
Coming right at us. Threat!
Bang! Splat! Boom! Crash!
Licensed to demolish everything
Everything we love!
Licensed to build everything
Everything we hate!
Bulldozer ah... chk chk chk....
Coming straight at us. All red and black
Turbo power = turbo folk.
Coming right at us. All blue and yellow.
Shame. Cocaine. Kitsch. Fuck on the beach.
Coming right at us...Threat!
Bulldozer ah... chk chk chk.
Track Name: Ovoj den da pomine

A room.
I'm sitting alone.
There's no one here to tell me
What's good and what's not.
Let this day pass.
A land or a state
Is there any difference?
One is fertile, the other governs.
Let this day pass!
It's easy to enjoy
I count withering days
A last emergency plan to succeed…
I won't go out today either!
Let this day pass!
Let just this day pass!
This day will wither too.
I know it's fatal
I know it's stronger
When I sink low
In the name of success.
Even if I could choose again
I’d choose not to move.
Even if I could choose again
I’d choose to wither!
Track Name: My Personal Holiday

I want my personal holiday
Three happy hours to last.
A calendar without an empty space.
I’m busy worshipping your saints!
And I just can’t believe in so
many perfect people.
Can we celebrate without a sacrifice?
This time we won’t be just wasted,
Sorry, we’re not serving
any flesh or blood.
‘Cause I want my personal holiday
And we’re not gonna worship your saints!
I just can’t remember all those perfect people!
Can we celebrate without sacrifice?
I planted another saint in the garden
He grows fast…No fear-mongering!
Great men can’t make small mistakes...
Your perfect people are dead…
This time we’re gonna use just
personal reasons…
Track Name: Preziveav

Minute, second... vote!
Turn on the lie detector
Minute, second... play!
Choose and find the survivor.
Four years... unavailable.
The winner blocks your number
Minute, second.... leave of absence.
Enough to irreparable damage
You're not even looking for the maximum
You're just not settling with the minimum.
How often do you get a call
From the one that decides on your behalf?
Where is it? A single shred of evidence
I can't survive without you / government/
... alone?
Track Name: Se plasam od lugje

I'm afraid of people…
that quit!
I'm afraid of people
Who possess everything.
I'm afraid of the country
Where you age before your time!
I'm afraid of getting old
In diseased surroundings…
The kids are loan-sharks,
party members before their first breath.
A thousand times more corrupt than you.
Congratulations!You did it!
Now you have more in your ranks!!.
They have everything they don't need.
You’ve taught them hunting techniques.
They can lynch, but cannot speak !
Is the country sick when
They cool before they burn?
Do patriots love their country
even when diseased, at all costs?
I'm afraid of rotting away
In the cold earth
Even maggots are taking sides.
Dig out famous skeletons
For an infamous future that…
Lasts and doesn't taint!
Soldiers of the state…
Slaughter with your paycheck
Human freedom fighters…
Do not lift their finger without a tender offer
Not even when their lives are at stake.
Is the country sick when
It cools those that aren't even burning?
Is the country sick when
They cool before they burn?
Track Name: Blackmail

I thought the pain was over
But then I got a letter from you.
It’s not blue …
It’s much much darker
It’s blackmail from the Leader.
The State is my pimp
Demands a lover
We’ll marry not to pay the tax.
A Middle Ages fan
Supervised my bedroom.
Pull the curtains
He’s watching from the mountain cross.
I wanted to stay alone
I wanted to die alone
I wanted to live alone!
But when I’m broke I make mistakes.
Sell your soul if you want to live!
I‘ve got a call from the Leader
He has a problem with my breakfast!
What’s next?!!!!!!
It’s capitalism.
But the shopping bag
Is tight.
Just the color of his Party
OR the color of his god.
Lock the window!
Don’t burn the eyes.
Before you check…
The expiry date of the
enlightenment light.
Track Name: VIP In Paradise

Six days. Fast.
I’m falling in a trap.
Of letting you down.
Six steps right.
Crucify my sight.
But you can’t hide Way out.
Demons = contraception
A Dirty machine gives a life.
Erase / update your books
They’re too old to lie.
Give me a sign
that you want me alive.
/I’m scared of Death
but I’m more scared to death
of Life. How can I then
raise a normal mind?
Multiply frustrations for
Send my message to the sky:
Didn’t give birth seven times!
So, do I still have a chance
For VIP in a paradise?!
Where’re my angel wings
to lift me up?
Where are my sacred powers?
I’ve tried and tried and tried!
To read the Manual.
But I didn’t understand
How to make a remake
Of innocence.
How to reproduce
What I need (a holy seed).
Paradise citizens
Armed with a sinless touch.
I guess I failed, I’m just a Man.
Cancel my seat in paradise.
Track Name: Koga e dovolno

When it's enough
Tiresome, unchanged and poor.
Don't expect for it to be decent.
When she's dead enough
To change the rules
The faithfully selfish reserve
Without fear and trust.
When you stood with the angered
It's only logical to turn your back on the shadows
Do you want to or just need to?
Slavery is such a retro mistake.
Don't go back. It's dangerous.
That's where the peaceful tread.
The ones that hide
the complex of the angered…
... when things are not fine.
When she's alone enough.
She has no joy.
She read:
Self-sacrifice is the ideal.
Swallow your pride in the name of harmony
Its bitterness won't let you smile
When you go to bed.

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