Happiness Machines

by Bernays Propaganda

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released April 6, 2009

Luckily, the father of PR, Edward L. Bernays, is dead – otherwise, the United Nations Security Council,NATO, Mossad, Interpol, the Macedonian police, CNN and some other self-proclaimed leader, world's cop or sleazy politician would condemn Bernays Propaganda as enemies of humanity, dangerous anarchists, atheists, feminists and terrorists. However, the only crime of guitarist Vasko Atanasoski, drummer Dzano Kuc, bassist Sasa Pavlovic and singer Kristina Gorovska, is that they're protesting the consequences left behind by Sigmund Freud's nephew and one of the most influental Americans of the 20th century. Bernays invented the most powerful of all weapons which kills painlessly, purposely incites hate and secretly leads humanity towards destruction. Manipulation, control, and seduction of the masses disgust Bernays Propaganda, so they're inviting us to a politically engaged dance!

Vasko and Dzano played in the cult HC thrashers FxPxOx until last year, and all four of them were or still are active in many other bands (Suns, SmartXBomb, This Home Is Prepared, Demoncrats, Choice of My Own, Backstab Warning, Boombyx, New Police State, Treta smena). If the transition into a more optimistic, dancey and groovy ride is too much of a culture shock to someone, don't forget that the always positive long time punk core underground dance activist Vasko, among other activities, rollicks in the electro-dance PMG Collective, which captivated the Balkanian indie underground with their hit song 'Manekenki'. All of the above mentioned bands are here by chance as Bernays Propaganda are a symbolic combination of them all.

Their edgy lyrics subtly avoid Bernays' school instead of being hypocritical and agitprop-direct. A reverberant female voice enters deep inside the ear and spreads ideas together with the music. The social engagement iz well-founded and positive. Dance and politics. Music and attitude. Fun and struggle. Collectivism and individualism. Bernays Propaganda praise the postulates and attributes which many post punk and new wave revivalists have forgotten. With their best intentions they mantain the ideas and attitudes of a long line of bands such as Gang Of Four, Slits, Fugazi, Submission Hold, !!!, Gossip, LCD Soundsystem... Their danceable fpunk doesn't try to escape reality, but also refuses to accept status quo. Bernays Propaganda don't want escapist entertainment – they're utopistically but honestly fighting for a better world.

After a self-released EP and contributions to compilations from Skopje to Moscow, the persuasiveness, self-confidence and positivity of Bernays Propaganda shook the ground beneath Mr. Moonlee's feet. He just couldn't resist temptation, so he made room among his crew and accepted another debutant – no less than the debutant of the year 2009., which hails from the the banana republic of Macedonia. Bernays Propaganda entered Enterprise studio soon after that and, with the help of Valentino Skenderovski, recorded their long-anticipated debut album (mastered by Carl Saff) named ''Happiness Machines'', which will be out on Moonlee Records in April 2009. The album will also feature a 32-page essay on violence and the human society, written by singer Kristina..

Dance, clap, sing and celebrate civil disobedience, human rights and freedom! Spread the word that the socio-politically motivated crew called Bernays Propaganda have prepared an album you won't be able not to dance to! And while you're at it, don't forget to use your head!

Moonlee Records

Kristina Gorovska -vocal
Vasko Atanasoski -guitar
Dzano Kuc-drums
Sasa Pavlovic-bass

Recorded, mixed and produced by Valentino Skenderovski in Enterprise studio (October/November 2008)
Recording live assistant: Nenad Trifunovski
Mastered by Carl Saff
All words written by Kristina Gorovska
(Except "Kill me!" , written by Vasko Atanasoski)
All music written by Vasko Atanasoski
Arranged and played by Bernays Propaganda
Artwork and layout by Darko Kujundzic
Feel free to write us at: bpropaganda@freemail.com.mk


all rights reserved



Bernays Propaganda Macedonia

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Track Name: Kill Me!
Kill me
Why are you born?
Why do you die?
Do you know the reason for living?
I’m not like you
I don’t have the same color.
The hate belongs to you… that’s why
Kill me, kill me, kill me!!!
I’m not like you.
Track Name: Are You Enjoying Being In Your Own Accompaniment?
If you could clone yourself
Will you enjoy your own company?
What if you’re enjoy at least a minute in a profile that you hate and despise?
Will you take a risk if there is no performance for the audience?
Would you recognize or would you recycle the stupidity once more?
If you could clone yourself
Will you carry on from where you stopped?
Or you’ll keep trying out other sounds, people, places?
Different from the ones you were sworn to?
Do you have the faintest idea
How to applaud to the copy?
If everything depends on you ,
There are no excuses.
Track Name: Safe Left
Be careful…
Quietly, when they’re watching, they’re not listening.
Be careful…
Every time…
Gentler. The sinless are vivisecting.
Room light,
Safe Left. Key.
And walls, apathetic for anger and boredom.
Courageous phrases.
Dangerously quasi
Heroes that are afraid
To sign!
If it's judged
Before playing.
It’s forbidden to participate in the game,
If it plays
To flatter
It's defeating if it turns you on,
What if the top it’s not where we’re climbing to so far?
What if the punishment is implemented
By those who err the most ?!
Does someone has to punish
Not to lose a control?
If I think too much…
Read my rights !
Read , read , read
My rights. Write…My head!
Track Name: A Day Before I Disappear
I'm waiting...
To fall of the grid again...
No address...
And no one to write me.
How long will I last?
Just me and myself
I don't know?
How well I know myself
I'm scared to see
Return-A beginning
I've got control
Only when among you
I was a communist,
A bit - a chauvinist
Maybe a pacifist.
But mainly - I wasn't alone
Return-A beginning
It's easier
When I hide
Behind you.
Track Name: Everything Will Fall Apart
Everything will fall apart
Only if a say yes
Everything will move
If only I decide,
And when I decide
Not to vote for the end
And when I decide
Not to pay to get “high”
When I’m scared
I see in black and white
And I fall asleep.
When I decide
Not to decide
Whatever…I exist…
I’m falling apart.
Track Name: I Don't Want To Know
I don’t want to know
Neither what’s up
Nor what’s down
Before I clarify
How it’s Here and Now
I was breathing, earning
with a maniacal depression
One way ticket
for a better future.
It must be better,
Far away is the best.
If I’m a loser here
I’ll infect them even there/
It’s time for me to grow up !
I don’t want to know
Neither what’s up
Nor what’s down
Before I clarify
How it’s Here and Now.
Spare planet??
Attractive offer.
I don’t have trust.
We haven’t finished
anything till the end.
Just name one utopia
That hasn’t stopped
Like a province
from whence it ran away from/
It’s time for me to grow up
I know, I know !!!
Here, there- from I “could”, I “knew ”, I “didn’t want.
It’s time for me to be cured
I know, I know!!!
Here, there- from I “could”, I “knew”
But , I didn’t want !
I don’t want to know.
Track Name: Anonymous Enemy
The ship is sinking/
the whole deck is masturbating
On a flag with a sun/stars/ root/pedigree
Cause; crises condition
The gears are shifting
The captain runs away first
there' only one life-belt.
I love him hey hey !
And I don’t even know who he is
I believe, but I don’t know where he is
The weak are waiting for the savior…
he acts like a friend
The same person who invented my anonymous enemy
I hate him hey hey
And I don’t even know who he is
I aim at him!
Anonymous enemy.
Track Name: Homo Or Sapiens
You've got scars
From a tightened necktie
And kneeling
You've got hemorrhoids
From a feng-shui office
You've got meningitis
From bruto-neto marketing strategies
You've got an inflammation
From laundering in a humanitarian action
You've got skin cancer
From the spotlights of popularity
You get an adrenaline rush
Only at the sports books
Or Eurovision
And after all the problems
You've got the nerve to say
That you have evolved??!?
And you would send
All the queers
To the executioner?!
Track Name: Yuppie Dream
I will never
Conquer some Trump dynasty
I will never
That the top layer of civilization
Is a stupid yuppie creation
Yuppie clone
Is not behind
Any of my dreams
Track Name: No Translation
Have you ever
Thought about
Hearing a voice that's not a letter
And that represents life not appetite?
Have you ever
Thought about
Looking them straight in the eyes
When they are slaughtered
For your enjoyment?!

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